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Sunday, 14 September 2008 09:40

Girl kills herself over Big Bang fears

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A teenage girl in India has reportedly killed herself out of fear the world was about to end because of the atom-smashing "Big Bang" experiment" conducted in Europe...But fears have been raised the experiment could create a black hole that would suck the Earth away, although the scientists involved insist the experiment is safe. Fears about the experiment had spread rapidly through the media in deeply religious India, The Daily Mail said. Thousands of people had rushed to temples to pray and fast while others savoured their favourite foods in anticipation of the world's end, the paper said. PERSONAL COMMENT: I am writing a book on this at the moment so I find this very relevant. The new atom smasher is an exciting equipment because it provides a new tool for Physicist to test out there Membrane Theory of the universe. The M Theory is a combination of The String Theory and the Theory of Super Gravity. If they can successfully smash atoms and are able to locate a graviton, disappearing to another dimension, it would be very good evidence to show that the theory is correct. If the theory is correct, then we can have an explanation behind what happened before the Big Bang. It will tie in many mysteries and we will have a scientific Theory of everything that Albert Einstein, himself, dedicated the last years of his life in finding.
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