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Friday, 16 April 2010 15:55

The Ascent Of Man

Jacob Bronowski (18 January 1908 – 22 August 1974) was a British mathematician and biologist of Polish-Jewish origin. Just recently, I have started watching a documentary he made called, The Ascent Of Man on DVD. I have only finished watching the second episode and it is turning out to be a wonderful documentary. It is very powerful, very insightful and I want everyone to watch it. I found the links for it in Google so you can preview it for yourself. I have orderred them according to how they were titled in the series. 
  1. Lower than the Angels — Evolution of man from proto-ape to 400,000 years ago.
  2. The Harvest of the Seasons — Early human migration, agriculture and the first settlements, war.
  3. The Grain in the Stone — Tools, development of architecture and sculpture.
  4. The Hidden Structure — Fire, metals and alchemy.
  5. Music of the Spheres — The language of numbers.
  6. The Starry Messenger — Galileo's universe.
  7. The Majestic Clockwork — Explores Kepler and Newton's laws.
  8. The Drive for Power — The Industrial Revolution.
  9. The Ladder of Creation — Darwin and Wallace's ideas on the origin of species.
  10. World within World — The story of the periodic table.
  11. Knowledge or Certainty — Physics and the clash of absolute knowledge, the oppressive state, and its misgivings realizing the result of its terrible outcome.
  12. Generation upon Generation — Life, genetics, and the cloning of identical forms.
  13. The Long Childhood — Bronowski's treatise on the commitment of man.
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